Tablecloths & Their Uses

What Is a Tablecloth?

A tablecloth is a covering used to cover the top of a table. It is placed before any other object like tableware is placed on the table. Its purpose is to protect the top surface of the table from dirt, dust, scratches, stains, rust and other such problems. It helps keep the table looking new even after years of use. The dirty tablecloth can be washed and reused. It can be used multiple times over several months before it is discarded and a new one is used as its replacement. This way only the tablecloth is replaced while the main table remains in good condition. wipeable tablecloth is easier to clean and maintain.

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Who Might Invest in a Tablecloth?

Both homeowners and commercial establishment owners use tablecloths to protect their tables. A tablecloth used at home lasts longer because it is not used so extensively and roughly as in commercial centres. Tables at commercial places like hotels, restaurants, offices and other commercial centres undergo more rough usage. These places have to use some type of covering to protect their tables. A tablecloth is an inexpensive option to protect the table. It can be cleaned easily and used again. These advantages give a tablecloth an edge over other table covering options like a glass sheet. The purpose of using a glass sheet for table covering is to showcase the brochures, leaflets and informational papers placed on top of the table. It is prone to breakage and requires careful handling. There are no such issues with a tablecloth. Only the clear glass sheet is used on the table. On the other hand, tablecloths are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, designs, thicknesses and materials. 

How Could a Tablecloth Be Styled to Fit in with a Home Theme?

A tablecloth can be a styled to fit in with a home theme in various ways. First of all, it should be purchased in the colour, design and pattern that match the interior decor theme. Some tablecloth can be cut into the desired shape and size. These options can be used to style the tablecloth so that it matches the home theme.

What Materials Can Be Used in a Tablecloth?

Tablecloths are available in a wide range of materials including cotton, polyester, vinyl and linen. All these tablecloths are available in a variety of colours, designs, patterns and qualities.

Where Would a Tablecloth Usually Be Located in a Home?

A tablecloth is used as a table covering. Most of the time, it is used on a dining table that is prone to spoiling. Food scrapes, oils, liquids, and other food and drink materials often fall on the dining table and spoil its surface. The dirty things can be cleaned from the table but it leaves slight stain. Over time, several layers of stains build up on the table surface and spoil its beauty. A simple tablecloth helps protect the top surface of the table from this type of spoiling. The table keeps looking new even after years of use. A tablecloth is also used on other tables in the home to protect the top surface of the table from spills and stains.